Legal Companies

In today’s life having legal cover is one of the best things that a person can have. Every law required situation will cost you more than you can imagine. It is why insurance companies have come up with the idea to provide people with coverage, that will assist them financially with a legal situation. Therefore, if you are trapped in an event where you need the help of a lawyer or lawful assistance, then your policy will settle the costs related.


There are a few insurance providers out there that can provide you with legal protection, namely:


Law On Call is here for you if you want to get covered. It is the plan that FNB is willing to provide for you in case of civil, labor or criminal matters. This provider knows just how expensive law required occasions can be and they want to help you by providing you with the finances to get the best possible legal help that you can. Rest assured that their offers are also very affordable and you will not regret having a plan with them.


Law 4 You is what ABSA has to offer you in case of any law requirements. You can be sure that your legal services will be of top quality. They will have you covered by any labor, family, civil or criminal matters.


Legal Assist Plan is something you will get from Standard Bank. You will also be covered for any of the things mentioned above. The policy is available for you and your whole family; you should decide who must be included. You need to be a South African resident to apply.


With Hollard, you have three options (R120 000, R150 000 or R200 000) and each covers all aspects that require legal help. There are offers to extend any of the above proposals and will have a slight increase in your monthly premium.


There are two types of the offer to look at when researching Santam. The first is the personal cover that you can get for yourself or your whole family. It will assist you only with personal matters. Then, there is a law policy offer for small or medium size business owners. You can look at cover from R40 000 to R150 000.


Are you looking for superior lawful policy plan? Then Clientele will be one company to keep in mind. They offer personal or business options (start from R520 per month) that vary in numbers.

They have 3 type of personal plans:

Standard plan

Classic plan

Extended program (3, 4 or 6 extended family members added)


Scorpion has six different offers to look at and compare. The first 3 are a general cover (A, B and C) and the other 3 are platinum policies (A, B and C). Monthly prices vary between R41 – R121 per month, but you need to do research and get an idea of how much you will pay. Still, this is an affordable cover.

What are the primary benefits of any legal cover mentioned above?

  • You will get 24-hour lawful telephonic guidance with a professional in the law field.
  • They will handle contracts and paperwork for you.
  • Cover for as long as you are alive (monthly payments must be made).
  • Any proceedings will be handled for you.

Finding one in an unfortunate event of divorce, contract disagreements, unfair treatment in the workplace or court proceeding of fraud can cost a person more than an arm or leg. Most legal required situations are costly and to lawyer up is not something that most people can settle out of their monthly budgets. Thus, getting a legitimate policy plan is the way to go. There is at least one occasion where any person finds them self within a lawful event.